08/01/2015, Newsletter - January 2015, issue 1.4

Indodrill, SRK Consulting, Bora Bora Resources & RS Mines execute drill rig reconnaissance

Preparations at the Queen's Mine gear up with the arrival of SRK Geologist and the Indodrill Team.

Indodrill & SRK Consulting arrive on site at the Queen's Mine to execute final preparations for drill pad areas, aided by Bora Bora Resources & RS Mines, this team is set for success.

RS Mines Chairman meets the grand team;

RS Mines Chairman, Ranjith Wijekoon & RS Mines Surface Operations Manager, Shevon Antony Peiris meets SRK Geologist, Rafwal Descartes, and the Indodrill Team (black overalls) from top to bottom, Dula Jeffrey, Indo-Driller, Paleng Winifred, Indo-Driller, Padao Nathaneal, Indo-Mechanic, Joseph Domiclong, Indo-Driller, Vincente Castro, Drill Supervisor, click on the images to enlarge.


With Indodrill & SRK Consulting onsite at RS Mines', the Queen's Mine, drill pad reconnaissance and preparation is well on the way, take a look at some photos of the preparation so far. Click on the images to enlarge them.

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