13/12/2014 Road to the mouth of the Queen's Mine, VLF line clearing, and VLF (EM-16) scan, all tasks executed and completed.

After the huge efforts made by RS Mines, Bora Bora Resources, SRK Consulting, and the Scan team, the major tasks of preparing for the commencement of drilling has been completed.

Within the preparation included, widening of the main drive that leads towards the main mouth of the Queen's Mine, this being essential to the arrival of the drilling rigs. Temporary paths also had to be created in order for the scan team to be able to scan with ease. The last task, to execute the VLF EM-16 scan.

Having completed all of these tasks, once scan data has been interpreted, the drilling plan can then be designed and executed.

Special thanks to the scan team, Michael Cunningham, Senior Consultant, SRK Consulting, and Shevon Antony Peiris, Surface Operations Manager, RS Mines.

Photographs below show the widening of the main drive from the base of the mountain leading to the mouth of the Queen's Mine. Also included are the photos from the VLF (EM-16) scan.

We hope this update was informative to you,

Warm Regards,

Sheriozha Anthony Wijekoon

Director, RS Mines pvt ltd.

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