Many different companies and people from many different back-grounds have analysed our Graphite products, below are our most prestigious client feedbacks:

Coming Soon, Robert Murray-Smith graphite & super-cap analysis

Rice University GO Evaluation

Coming Soon, Ioxus graphite & super cap analysis

Haydale: Supplied the SEM, Scanning Electron Microscope Images, part onepart two, Haydale also went onto confirm that after testing samples from all over the world, our sample out-performed the competition

Rice University, Raman Analysis

ITI, Graphite Analysis

Branwell UK, Graphite Analysis

Industry professionals have now confirmed that 97%+ carbon graphite is required to produce Graphene 'that works', synthetic carbon contains defects which actually make the end Graphene product, weak and useless, ultimately Graphene cannot be 'made, via man-made routes', for the best results the best materials must be used. Graphite is found all over the world but 97%+ carbon graphite can only be found in certain parts of Africa and Sri Lanka.

If you would like to add your analysis to our list feel free to send your request and information to us, you can find our email on our contact us page.

We welcome Universities and Companies to collaborate with us, we firmly believe that we are the key to the scaling up of Graphene and it's numerous applications. With 190,000 Tons in the top 200M of our prime mining location, the Queens Mine, many junior mining companies have recently popped up with the intention of producing Graphene and all it's attributes, however we are the first that can boast that we have ONE, the carbon purity required and TWO, quantities of the required material in stock, we are not exploring for graphite like the new juniors, we started this six years ago, before all the 'hype', though there was much speculation in terms of what Graphene can actually do in terms of changing everyday life, but little by little we can see that through companies like ourselves and Universities around the world, we are proving that Graphene can change everyday life, for tomorrows world, in a big and bright way.