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Everything Crystalline Vein Graphite and Graphene

21/10/2015: Collaboration between RS Mines, Toyota Technological Institute - Japan, & Mission Vector Partners - Japan on Surface Analysis of HOPG (Highly Ordered/Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite).

RS Mines & Bora Bora Resources execute VLF (EM16) at The Queen's Mine.

RS Mines and Bora Bora Resources prepare the Queen's Mine for VLF (EM16) ground scans.

RS Mines, Bora Bora Resources and SRK Consulting commence Due Diligence at The Queen's Graphite Mine.

RS Mines Infrastructure Enhancements.

RS Mines and Bora Bora Resources visit Monash University.

RS Mines signs binding heads of agreement with Bora Bora Resources to promote mining of the famous Queen's Graphite Mine, owned by RS Mines. Also to scale up the production of graphene oxide, the precursor material to graphene. Super capacitor manufacture is now also being planned.

The Queen's Mine, Kotuhena, Mid Region, this site is our black diamond, with 190,000 - 250,000 Tons in each 500 Meter segments contained on the Queen's Mine anomaly. It is no doubt one of the biggest graphite mine reserves in the world.

RS Mines Processing Unit, Mid Region, all our graphite is collected in our main hub in the heart of Sri Lanka, where we simply separate into the different carbon purity levels, our graphite purities range from a low of 80% and going to a high of 99.76%+, no other mine in the world can compete with us in terms of supply and product quality.

SEM Imaging of RS Mines Graphite, before and after plasma treatment - executed by Haydale in the UK.

Electron microscope Images before Plasma Treatment.

Electron microscope Images after Plasma Treatment.

Graphite and GO Images;

99%+ Carbon Crystalline Vein Graphite, this gallery shows images of our most pure carbon product, crystalline vein graphite powder with a carbon purity of 99.97%.

Graphite Oxide Powder.

Graphite Oxide Liquid.

RS Mines set out in 2007 to explore for Natural Crystalline Vein Graphite of the highest carbon purities, during this time we toured and scanned the whole of Sri Lanka, and smartly secured all of the best sites, including RS Mines' flagship site, The Queen's Mine.


Other RS Mines graphite sites;

Udaththapola, Mid Region.

Kolongaha Mine, Mid Region.

Mathugama, South Mine.

Ambilipitiya, North Mine.

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