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Take the time to view the best videos of Dr. Robert Murray-Smith from his legendary You Tube Channel in our Video Gallery, which has a very heavy focus on Graphene and also dive into our numerous graphite mining sites situated in the north, south, and mid region of Sri Lanka via our image gallery.

It is important to remember that our methods of mining are very different to that of open pit mining in Canada and other parts of the world, where thousands of tons of earth are collected and millions of dollars are needed for refining machinery to enhance lower grades of TGC 15%-40% to a maximum of 92% via chemical enhancement, which inevitably destroys the performance of the graphite, whereas in our methodology of mining we extract huge veins which sit in between rock cavities, these veins can measure many meters in thickness, and pockets located in these veins can hold 200 ton 'detached house' sized graphite pockets (known to the local miners as Miniran Alia - Graphite Elephant.

Deep graphite mining is far more eco-friendly and economical when compared to open pit graphite mining which carries the burden of high processing costs to chemically enhance the purity level, ultimately destroying the characteristics of the produced graphite. Synthetic graphite also bears high production cost and also analysing results have shown that RS natural crystalline vein graphite provides an edge on 99.99% synthetic graphite due to its naturally high purity and crystallinity. Open pit mining also destroys the landscape, creating skyline eyesores.

After extracting our 99%+ carbon graphite ore we are left with small caves, you can think of the graphite emerging like a tree from the Earth's core. We boast 190,000 - 250,000 Ton in each 500M depth section contained in the anomaly at our flagship mine, The Queen's Mine.

This reserve is one of the largest in the world. We label The Queen's Mine as a 'Centurion Mine' reason for this being the 100-200 year mine life, reaching depths of 2,000-3,000Ft below sea level in depth. So the Queen's mine boasts well over 1 million tons of natural high purity crystalline vein graphite.

The information provided in our Media Gallery and our web site in general is to educate what we do to the masses, catering to all levels of understanding, we hope you appreciate our efforts and find the information informatiove to you.


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