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RS Mines is always willing to talk to Universities, established Companies and Investors with regards to potential collaborations,

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In terms of applications for our ore, the future is bright thanks to Graphene, with the market now understanding that Graphene cannot be produced with Graphite below 97%+ purity and with this particular ore only originating in Sri Lanka, we consider our company a key to the future scaling up of Graphene and its plentiful applications (Flexible touch screens, printed electronics, super-efficient solar cells, high speed internet signalling, higher powered RFID chips, replacing copper due to its high current density, let's not forget that this is also the strongest and lightest material in the world making it ideal for electronics in aviation, power grids and oil rig power distribution, I don't think we have seen a single material that can be applied to so many apps... 


Our graphite has been tested by numerous bodies from all over the world, all have praised our ore as 'the best in the world', and we have had positive responses from:

Companies: Haydale, Ioxus, Graphene Supermarket, Graphene Devices, AZ Electronics, Toyota Institute - Japan.

Universities: Rice University, the University of Michigan, Northwestern University, the Australian National University, Shizuoka University.

Take a look at our Client Feedback page to view more details on the numerous analyses.


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