16/01/2015, RS Mines Newsletter, issue 1.8

RS Mines and Bora Bora Resources, 'Top' Contenders in the 2015 Industrial Minerals Graphite Map, and here is why

RS Mines is proud to be making excellent progress on each of it's 3 chosen areas, these being;

* Expansion of the Queen's Mine, through in-depth VLF (EM16) scans accompanied by a comprehensive drilling program, to increase supply for a new developing market, Graphene. In order to accomplish this monumental task, RS Mines, Bora Bora Resources, SRK Consulting, and Indodrill have joined forces together to explore the Queen's Mine, the true Graphite Mountain,  to unlock it's true potential.

* Disruptive Products and Technologies. RS Mines in collaboration with Bora Bora Resources have been making excellent progress, recently launching the RS007 product line, seven micron crystalline vein graphite powder, 99%+C. RS Mines will shortly be launching it's line of RSGO-007, Graphite Oxide paste created from RS007, seven micron crystalline vein graphite. Keep an eye out for the the upcoming RSGO-007 newsletter.

* Development of the RS Supercapacitor Cell, made from RS007 & RSGO-007, the next stage of energy storage has come and RS Mine can hear it knocking on the market's door...


It is due to these core reasons why RS Mines considers itself as a main contender, pitched at the top of the Industrial Minerals Map 2015, click on the image to enlarge.

Download the Industrial Minerals Map 2015 pdf version

Even though this was for Flake graphite, we still wanted to let everyone know that Crystalline Vein graphite is far better than Flake. Here at RS we see that Flake graphite is perfect for pencils, whereas RS Crystalline Vein Graphite, well you just don't get any better, it is that simple.

Finally Industrial Minerals included RS Mines' research into Natural Crystalline Vein Graphite outperforming Flake graphite in their recent newsletter, Industrial Mineral Graphite News in Brief 19 December – 8 January


We hope this newsletter has been informative to you,

Warm Regards,

Sheriozha Anthony Wijekoon

Director, RS Mines pvt ltd. www.graphite.com.co

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