The RS Processing unit is based in the heart of Sri Lanka, here graphite is collected and simply sorted into the different carbon purity levels, from our sources the lowest grade, 80% and the highest peaking at an outstanding 99.76%, we even go one step further and provide a floatation enhanced graphite product which we call ∞100 Carbon ©, we reduce the 0.24% of natural rock and sand impurities, leaving an ultra pure carbon graphite. Kotuhena, the Queen's Mine, even boasts resources of high powered natural diamagnetic graphite, just another special characteristic of our graphite ores.

We are the key in scaling up Graphene, take the time to work out how many layers of extractable graphene are in 190,000Tons and this is only from one site (Kotuhena, the Queen's Mine) in the top 200M, we are pretty sure we have enough graphene to cover the earths surface or even Jupiter's surface, which ever you prefer.