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RS Mines is primarily concerned with the mining of high purity crystalline vein graphite and the production of graphite - graphene related value added products. Incorporated in 2007 in Sri Lanka, co-founded and operated by two British Engineers who are also Father and Son, Ranjith and Sheriozha Anthony Wijekoon, respectively, lead RS Mines to become an industry leader in the mining and value addition arenas.

Graphite that we extract has been analysed by highly qualified materials experts & graphene experts from around the world. All have commended that our natural, high carbon, highly crystalline, vein graphite, has superior characteristics over; amorphous, flake and synthetic graphite types.

China produce a synthetic 99.99% graphite powder, through the synthesis process the material produced is very weak when compared to our natural crystalline vein graphite ore.

Many graphite companies provide a 90-99%+ carbon content graphite, however they produce this through chemically bonding lower grades of graphite together. Natural crystalline vein graphite of the highest purity will always give the edge in performance whatever your application may be.

Currently we mine at our flagship mine, The Queen's Mine. Explorations have approximated a reserve of 190,000 - 250,000 Tons in each 500 Meter sections of the Queen's Mine anomaly.

New exploration evidence of the Queen's Mine can be viewed through the announcements released by Bora Bora Resources to the ASX;

21/10/2013: VTEM Survey commences on High-Grade Graphite Projects.

24/06/2014: Agreement to earn-in to graphene facility and graphite mine.

17/07/2014: Significant new VTEM anomaly discovered at Matale/Kurunegala.

Take a look at RS Mines, the Queen's Mine Tour, with Dr. Robert Murray Smith and Director, Sheriozha Anthony Wijekoon

The mountain the mine is situated on used to be called graphite mountain. The British began mining this but withdrew because of the end of colonialisation. The mine is chock full of graphite. In the final scenes we look at the shaft that is being dug down to the graphite pocket. - Dr. Robert Murray Smith.

To understand more about RS Mines', the Queen's Mine, visit the Queen's Mine web page.

RS Mines has excellent relations and collaborates closely and in harmony with the GSMB, Geological Survey & Mines Bureau of Sri Lanka. We extend our thanks to the GSMB for their continued support of the work that RS Mines does for the benefit of Sri Lanka and its people.

the Geological Survey & Mines Bureau

the Geological Survey & Mines Bureau