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High Purity Natural Crystalline Vein Graphite and Graphene Products

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Due to high demand of RS007, please note that there is a one month waiting time on top of TNT delivery time, we at RS endeavour to reduce this waiting time, we advise clients to incorporate this time period into their production time frames, clients will be informed as waiting times decrease.

Should you wish to view the particle analysis for RS007, you can download the analysis here; part one / part two.

For further analyses on the RS product line check our client feedback page.

Graphite has many different uses and applications, now with the realisation and understanding of Graphene, there are even more uses and applications for graphite. It has now come to light that defected Graphene is 'weak',http://www.graphene-info.com/graphene-defects-can-make-it-weak-material-exhibits-pseudo-hall-petch-effect 

In order to produce the highest quality graphene, the only way of achieving this is to use higher quality starting materials. Our graphite undergoes no chemical and physical engineering changes to improve quality. Straight from the ore the purities range from 80% - 99.76%+ (highest purity level recorded), the most important fact is that the graphite has very little impurities, allowing successful integration into your final applications.

RS Mines will shortly be releasing the battery grade graphite range, the graphite is optimised to enhance lithium ion batteries. Moisture and impurities in the graphite are all eradicated during the enhancement process, however before the release of this product two new products will be, RS007, which is a crystalline vein graphite powder product with 99%+C purity, with a 7 micron average particle size. Following this will be the RSrGO, made from RS007, we hope these products allow you to excel and enhance your chosen application, whether it be energy storage to solar, nothing compares to the power of RS crystalline vein graphite products.


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